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MYOP was founded by Mr. Mervyn Tan, the director of Endtime Harvest Traders primarily for children aged 7 to 10. As an entrepreneur and a father, he comprehends that communication is a universal language to connect people. Unavailing communication from a tender age is capable of inducing stress which has lasting detrimental effects on children's mental health. 

The MYOP program is crafted as an educational tool to identify and understand a child's thought process, expression of communication, and mental well-being, through observations of their engagement in creative activities. 


MYOP also advocates learning for children. Utilizing enticing content on the origin of pencils such as materials and productions, they will be imparted with interesting knowledge on forest preservation and environmental awareness.

The MYOP team acknowledges that bridging communication is the gateway to a positive relationship between children and their parents. There are modules curated additionally, for parents to improve their communication skills with their children and to promote mental wellness.

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E.H Traders conducts MYOP for schools in physical settings, in compliance with Singapore government Covid-19 regulations.

Alternatively, the company offers its program through an online platform to cater to the schools' virtual preferences. 


For flexibility, the school may wish to conduct the program internally. E.H. Traders will provide the materials which include a comprehensive guide for the school's educators.

Presentation of MYOP can be arranged for schools that are interested to find out more. Kindly connect with our Marketing Manager, Mr. Asriel Tan at 9230 1503 or asrieltan.ehtraders@gmail.com


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