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MYOP was founded by Mr. Mervyn Tan, the director of Endtime Harvest Traders, and is recommended for children between 7 to 10 years old. As an entrepreneur and a father, he comprehends that communication is an essential skill to connect with people and understand them. Unavailing communication from a tender age is capable of inducing stress and other long-lasting effects that are detrimental to children's mental health. 

MYOP is crafted as an educational tool to identify and understand a child's thought process, expression of communication, and mental well-being, through observations of their engagement in the programme's creative activities.


MYOP advocates learning for children by utilizing captivating content to impart interesting knowledge on how a pencil is made, and what role it plays in forest preservation. With saving the environment in mind, the programme also educates the children on the importance of a sustainable ecosystem and how it benefits our world. 

The MYOP team recognizes that bridging communication is the gateway to a positive relationship between children and their parents. There are modules curated additionally, for parents to improve their communication skills with their children and to promote mental wellness.

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