How MYOP Delivers

Program Outline

MYOP aims to bridge communication, encourage self-discovery, and impart knowledge through the following segments of the program :

Coloring Activity

The children will be expressing themselves in the form of art, fuelled by their creative thought processes.

If the children are given a picture of a turtle and coloured it blue, are they correct or wrong?

A blue turtle may not exist or has not been discovered yet. Do we dismiss their good knowledge on recognizing the turtle's habitat as the ocean and correlate a turtle's colour with blue? 


The purpose of this activity is to zoom into the children's creative thought processes and value-add their self-discovery.

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Making of pencils

The core activity of MYOP. When making pencils, the children will exhibit different emotions in response. Some children may appear frustrated while struggling to piece the pencil components together quickly, while some may exercise caution and follow the program's guidance patiently. 


The purpose of this activity is to identify the children's behavioural traits in order to bridge effective communication with them.    


Introduction to forest preservation and environmental awareness

Apart from the hands-on activities which would bolster their motor skills, MYOP is also designed as a visual-centric program that stimulates the children's minds with enticing mediums to impart interesting knowledge on the materials, types of pencils, and how production helps to preserve forests.


The purpose of incorporating this lesson is to nurture the children to be responsible citizens and contribute to protecting the forest and environment.      



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