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Image source : by E.H. Traders 

E.H.Traders is delighted to be holding its first collaborative event with Inzy, an authorized representative of AIA Singapore Pte. Ltd on the 10th March 2024 from 3 pm to 5 pm at 6 Woodlands Square Tower 2 Level 11 737737 during the upcoming March School Holiday. 

This partnership was well-established by the values aligned by the companies. The mission of the Make Your Own Pencil programme seeks to foster better bonding between parents and children through understanding and communication, which compliments Inzy's direction in insuring them with family-oriented approaches.  


Families are welcome to mingle with one another after the programme has concluded by enjoying their food and drinks, specially arranged by Inzy. This space is also prepared by the Inzy team which encourages parents to spend quality time with their children in a conducive environment.    

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