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Make Your
Own Pencil


The Make Your Own Pencil (MYOP) programme was created by Mr. Mervyn Tan, the director of Endtime Harvest Traders, and is recommended for children between 7 to 9 years old. As an entrepreneur and a father, he comprehends that communication is an essential skill to connect with people and understand them. Unavailing communication from a tender age is capable of inducing stress and other long-lasting effects that are detrimental to children's mental health. 

MYOP is crafted as an educational tool to identify and understand a child's thought process, expression of communication, and mental well-being, through observations of their engagement in the programme's creative activities.


All pencils are made from trees and are commonly used for writing and drawing. But do you know that pencils help in forest preservation as well? Embark on a learning journey with the Mighty Pencil to be part of promoting the growth of a sustainable environment and find out what role it plays in bridging communication between people.

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